Brows, Liner & Lashes

Hello again my pretties,


I hope you are all ready for what i have in store for you this evening !!


Its been a while since my last post and i promise it’s not because I’ve been slacking, it’s because i was getting everything ready to give you something even MORE !!

dum dum dummmmmmm…….

My first YouTube “tutorial” is up and live and I am so excited for all of you to have a look and tell me what you think. Please be gentle, its the first one and I’m sure that with time and plenty more vlogs I will get better and better 🙂

Sooooo, just to break it down for you. I have done a vlog on Brows, Liner and 3D Fiberlashes. The main purpose being to show you the 3D Fiberlash, as its my newest product and i am LOVING it !! Please pop on over to my YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button !! check out the vlog here.

I just figured that brows and liner make up the whole look so decided to throw in some tips and tricks on those too and show you exactly what I use 🙂

As you can see below, i have my few favorite essentials ready and they really are all i need !!



I wasn’t really sure what i was going to use for this post as I didn’t take any pictures of my completed makeup (wtf right???) so I think I’m going to keep this post more of a  “product review” as that is exactly what I’m about to do 😉

So as my first step is always liner (doing this first gives it enough time to dry) lets have a look at my go-to liquid liner –



Essence Liquid Ink Waterproof.

I love this baby… My favorite thing about it is the brush. It is really fine and it moves smoothly. I don’t enjoy using the pen liners as you’re very restricted with them. A brush liner is softer, it takes more concentration, but your results are so versatile. Thin lines, thick lines, whatever your heart desires !! Pick one of these up at Pick n Pay (yes, you read right, Pick n Pay)

Once my liner is done I move onto brows (MY FAVORITE PART!!!!)





As you can see above I use two different brushes. The white brush (Ubu no.31) is much finer than the black one (Cala brow/liner 317). Both of these I picked up from Clicks. The Ubu brush set came with a few small brushes and the quality isn’t the best but I wouldn’t change this angled brush EVER !! The thicker brush is a Cala and I absolutely LOVE it for filling in, where the Ubu is perfect for creating my shape. I’m not too sure what we call the third brush but I’m going to go with mascara brush 🙂 this one you can get from Mac, usually when I buy my products I ask for a few and they very gladly hand them out by the dozen !!

Mac Mystery Satin Eye Shadow is my color of choice for my brows. I’v tried the pens, I don’t like them. My personal preference is to use a shadow for filling my brows. If you’re going to give this a go, choose a shadow that is matte and make sure it matches your hair color, preferably your roots. I like my brows to pop, I love them to be quite intense so I have opted for a shade slightly darker than my roots.

Now… My product I cannot live without is Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel. This stuff…….. mmmmm…..




It is a God-send if you are as obsessed with your brows as I am !! My one looks a little brown now but its a clear, soft gel that you brush over your brows to set them in once you’re done. I NEVER EVER EVER miss this step. This product has another REALLY BIG upside – It lasts forever !! I actually purchased this one from a hair salon and it was so long ago that i couldn’t tell you the price. All i can say is that when its finished i will most definitely be investing in another one, no matter the cost !!

And to finish off we are left with the 3D FIBERLASH MASACARA.




As you can see this comes in a set. (It’s got a beautiful case too) we have here the Transplanting Gel as well as the Natural Fibers. Now, the result you get when using these products is fabulous but BE CAREFUL. My first attempt left me with itchy eyes because i over-used the fibers. You really want to build this up slowly for the best and most comfortable result. First step is to apply the gel (One eye at a time people !!) then you can add a layer of fibers. It looks a lot like black cotton wool so don’t go crazy or they will end up in your eyes 😉 easy does it !! Once you’ve applied the fibers, reapply your gel to set them in. You can repeat these steps until your lashes are as thick and as long as you want !! Always remember to set with the gel as your last step though !! If it’s a more natural look or a very FULL look you want, I can 100% recommend 3D Fiberlash. For me, its just so much easier than sticking on lashes (although I haven’t ruled that out, they always look so glamorous and long….) and it is a million times more comfy than having lash extensions !! I also find it to look so much more natural. Super easy to wash off and remove, just some soap and water, or in my case, my usual face cleanser. If you want to see more or are interested in getting any then head on over to their Facebook page here. You will noT be disappointed so if you can get your hands on it, DO IT !!!


And there you have it you beauts !!!!

I hope you’ll all be heading over to my YouTube channel to see all these products in action, if you missed the link earlier then just click here and you’ll be sent straight through !!


Thanks for reading and until next time,


Stay pretty xxxx






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