New Product Love 

Why hello pretties !!!

Firstly I’d just like to say that I have been SERIOUSLY slacking with the blog posts !!! Hopefully there will no longer be weeks of silence BUT I can assure you that there are plently of reasons 😉

This time of the year is always so super crazy and I don’t know about anyone else but, come the first of December, my brain automatically switches to holiday mode !! It’s like, overnight, there is a change in the atmosphere – the sun is brighter, the music is louder, the streets are busier, the tourists are arriving (you know what I mean if you’re in Cape Town) and everything is just such a vibe. This doesn’t help the fact that we have full time jobs and need to be focused, right ? And this time of the year in any job can be crazy !! So work has been HECTIC and I’ve been doing quite a few things behind the scenes, so for the next few weeks you can read up about everything that’s been going on !! I’m so excited to share everything with you. Some wedding stuff, some makeup stuff and my favorite, of course, some hair stuff. Watch this space, plenty on it’s way 🙂

But today I want to share with you my favorite new products that I got my hands on last week. 

I’ve started really investing in some great things for my hair and makeup kits and if there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s when people don’t share their secrets 😉 Now, I’m well aware that these products are no secret, but each of them is a first timer for me and I love love love !!!!!! I thought I’d start off with the face 🙂 I’ll leave the hair for its own post because we all know I have plenty to say on that 😉

So these four babies have instantly become my favorites. Actually no, shame, I love all my products equally, I can’t choose favorites… but flip, they are good choices !!
So to get us going I’ll elaborate on the green baby. 

Mac Green Gel Cleanser

Mmmmm…. I’ve been using it since Friday and could instantly see and feel the difference in my skin. I was a little nervous to try skin products from Mac if I’m being honest. I’m typically one to stick to what I’m used to when it comes to skin care, but on my last spree I received a sample of the cleanser and must admit that I really did feel the effect. I love how it cleanses !! I usually remove my makeup with a wipe or some oil makeup remover but after these long, busy December days, I’ve been very lazy and just opt for the wash. One wash, a pea-size amount and nothing more is needed !! A winner in my eyes and this will become a permanent fixture to my skin care routine. Once I’m finished up with my current moisturizers, I’ll be going back to my “home away from home” aka MAC, and I’ll be purchasing the rest of the range !!

Now onto that beautiful shiney tube…

Mac Strobe Cream

I will be honest and say that I never knew this existed until last week, when the bride I was doing makeup on gave me the low down. It is AMAZING !!! I think there are quite a few uses for it,but how I’ve been using it, so far, is actually in conjunction with my primer and foundation. It gives you the most beautiful glow and soft feeling to your skin that leaves you wanting to touch your face the whole day !! I definitely need to do a little more research and see where and how else I can put this baby to the test, but what I love about it, is that on a day where a full face of makeup is not the most practical thing, a pea size amount of Strobe Cream with another pea size amount of concealer / foundation gives you a very similar effect to a bb cream. Very light coverage but just enough to not be completely bare. And with that added glow !! Needless to say, I LOVE IT !!


Now highlighter and bronzer go hand in hand so OBVIOUSLY I couldn’t buy one and not the other 😉

Mac Cream Color Base in Shell

Mac Bronzing Powder in Golden

I cannot get enough of this highlighter !! I’m so used to using a powder highlighter, but what I’ve noticed is that it ends up everywhere. I mean, there’s no such thing as too much highlighter, right ? But sometimes I catch my reflection in a mirror and look a little too sparkly for the people around me 😉 What I like about the Cream Color Base is that it applies beautifully by just using your finger. One long stroke above your contour line, a little dabbing to blend and you are sorted !! I’ll also use a soft brush, sprayed with the Mac Fix Plus, just to add some of the highlighter to my nose and top lip line. The result is noticeable, subtle and just the right amount of glow !! A keeper for my kit !!

Now the bronzer I love, but don’t love love. It works beautifully and I’ve used it for enhancing the contour but it’s a little matte for my liking. I feel like it’s just a warmer, deeper, not-so-red kind of blush. Next time I’ll definitely be going with a shimmer shade !! If you like to contour with a bronzer, or even just enjoy a more matte result with your bronzer then this one is for you !! 

So there you have it !! My four new babies who I have taken in and now call my own 😉 

And with that, it is definitely good night from me. 

Next Monday I’ll be talking hair products so stay tuned !!

Until then you beauties,

Stay pretty xxxx 

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