LIFE || there is nothing wrong with wanting more

So I’ve done a few Hair and Beauty posts and I felt that, for the first one of 2017, I wanted to write about life a little. 

Some people might find this weird or strange or completely crazy, but my last two days of leave I spent cleaning my entire apartment. When I say cleaning, I don’t mean dusting. I literally CLEANED my life !!! 

I’m going to call it a “Cupboard Detox” because in all honesty, I don’t plan on doing any other detoxing 😉 it’s 6:30pm so bring on my Cosmo  !!! 

But seriously, every box that hadn’t been opened, every file that had papers from before I was an adult, every bag that had something in it from months or even years ago, every cupboard that was storing “stuff” (which was nearly every cupboard in my place!!) I wanted to be 100% organized and feeling fresh for January. 

And my first week of January is feeling so good !! It’s only Wednesday and usually on a Wednesday I’m starting to stress about everything I need to get done by Friday, but I’m not, because I’m feeling organized and content and at ease with life. It’s incredible what a bit of organizing can do for your soul !! 

Not only do I have so much more time on my hands, what with not needing to tidy before bed every night or before I leave for work in the mornings, but I have found things that I never knew I had !! I feel like a kid at Christmas who can’t stop looking at all their new pressies !!    

The point that I want to get to, before I show you some of my organizing, has sparked something in me that I haven’t felt in a while. 

I actually wanted to slot in a few quotes for this post and while searching for them I came across a few that actually just irritated me, so I decided on a little rant 😉

“Fill your life with lots of experiences, not lots of things. Have incredible stories to tell, not incredible clutter in your closets.” – marcandangel


Now I’m all for great experiences and living life and blah blah. But I am also one for living the life you want and choosing the lifestyle that you want !! There is NOTHING wrong with owning a lot of things !! NOTHING !!! 

I love having things !! I work extremely hard for the money I earn and if I want to spend that money on “things” then i will and I will have no shame !! 

I love having hair products, I love having makeup, I love new clothes, I love decorating my apartment and these things cost money !! Money that I could be saving for a million other experiences. 

But you know what, when my hair is looking like perfection, when my face is so on point that I actually stare at myself, when I get home to an apartment that looks exactly how I want and when I’m accessorized to the nines, then I am happy !! It feels good, I feel so damn good about myself and there is nothing wrong with that. That is where I get my thrills and if that’s what you enjoy and what makes you feel good, then own it and don’t worry about society and how they tell you that it’s superficial, or not life-fulfilling or whatever else is wrong with it. 

Each to their own and my own is definitely what I’m about to show you !!

Now, I organized a lot so I won’t bore you with everything but I HAD to share my accessories !!! 

These baby’s have been in bags, spread out in my cupboards, been in moving boxes and I have finally reunited all of them. And I’m very proud of this achievement !!

Just take a look at the necklaces…

There are a couple more (obviously, because I’ve discovered I’m a hoarder) but these few are definitely my favorites and I shall not be banishing them to the confines of boxes anymore !! 

And oh the rings…

I mean, what have I been wearing on my hands before unpacking all these gems ??

Now for earrings, because you can never have enough earrings !!

I just… they make me so happy !!!!

And last but certainly not least, some goodies for the wrists. Insert heart emoticon… 

I cannot even tell you how good it feels to have everything organized and have options in the morning. I’m so used wearing the same things but NOT ANY MORE !!! 

And it feels so good to share it, to put it out into the universe (well, the Internet)

So to all of you still feeling unorganized, still looking for something that’s going to make you feel good, still trying to not be “superficial”, get up, get cleaning, get packing, get purchasing and enjoy every single second of feeling absolutely fabulous with all of your THINGS !!!

Don’t be ashamed to like “things”

Take care of your “things”

Enjoy your “things”

Show off your “things”

But always remember one thing –

If it’s not beautiful or useful, it has no place in your life.

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