Hair || Friday favs 

Hello you beauts !!!

So the first week of 2017 comes to an end and it was a gooooood week.

It felt good to be back at work and back in a routine and most of all, it felt amazing to get rid of my “pool hair” !!

I had such an amazing time over December being off, tanning, swimming and spending ample time in the sun. The problem with all of these things is that my hair took a massive ass-whipping and the result was something that resembles a thatch roof. 

But never fear !!!!!

That thatch roof didn’t stick around too long. A little hair care goes a long way when you’re using amazing tools and products that are like solid gold.

So for my first “Friday Favs” segment I’ll be showing you exactly what to go grab yourself to get your hair that beautiful shine, stunning softness and incredible health. 

Let’s begin with this GORGEOUS ghd  White Platinum…..

This tool is top of the range and you will not find better on the market. Not only is it a limited edition (the usual platinum comes in black) but if you color your hair, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t color their hair, then this will give your color the protection it deserves !! There is nothing worse than investing in your hair appointments, only for them to last you a whole of 10 days before that color needs a touch up or refresher. This baby gives you 50% less damage than tools that go to higher heats !! Do I really need to say more ? Keep a look out as I will be doing my next vlog on how to curl your hair with the platinum !! #excitedmuch !!!

Click HERE to check out the beautiful styler !!

Now, if you follow my Instagram (@TarrynLeeAboud) you’ll know that I am pretty much obsessed with my curls !! One of my favorite brushes to dress out my styles is this Oval Dressing Brush from GHD.

This baby is soft, smooth and completely glides through the hair. If you have styled the curls properly and give each one a soft brush with this, then be prepared for people to stare… and yes I will demonstrate this in the vlog too !! 

Have a look at the brush by clicking HERE

And last, but certainly not least, my product choice of the week goes to ASET !! And yes, it is indeed an asset (to my hair!!!) Advanced Split End Therapy *hearts for days !!!

My absolute favorite thing about this product is how easy it is to use and how long it lasts in my hair. This treatment will last you 5-10 shampoos !! Hello ??? Is that not the best thing in the world ?! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and because of all the heat styling and coloring it’s not in the best condition so for the first two weeks I’m going to use it once a week. After that I’m moving onto once a month. 100ml tube that’s going to end up lasting me 6-8 months ? Take my money now.

Wash, towel dry and apply. (No conditioner when you’re using the treatment) Dry the treatment into your hair and activate it by simply using your ghd styler (I’ve done curls straight after this and it works perfectly too, as long as you apply the heat to the product!!) 

Click HERE to take a look at this amazing treatment.

So there you have it my pretties !! 

If you end up getting yourselves any of these incredible products or tools then I have no doubt you will enjoy them as much as I do !!

Have a beautiful weekend and take care of your hair !!!


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