Beauty || Skincare is key

Well hello pretties !!!

It’s been AGES since my last post, something I definitely need to work on, but we all know how life goes… especially the start of a new year !! It’s march and I’m finally feeling settled into 2017 (half way through March, I might add) 

Something was very different for me this year though, my skin !! I’m nearing 29 and I’ve had many “realizations” in the last few months. The one I’m gonna share today is that flip, my skin isn’t young anymore !!! How sad ??? But I’m noticing the wrinkles appearing, I’m seeing the aging and while some might say I’m being a tad bit dramatic, we all know our own skin. I’m used to having flawless, clear, glowing skin and lately that’s not the case.

It’s very easy to look at an Instagram photo and wish to look like the person you’re  seeing… what we forget is that those photos are taken in really great lighting, I mean, I will literally take my selfies from the exact same spot EVERY time because I know the lighting is bomb AF !!! We also forget about the editing that goes in. I’m not one to filter my photos but I can assure you now, with complete honesty, I edit 97% of the photos I take !! 

What we don’t see are the breakouts, the scars, the small lines starting to form, the dryness, the flakiness, the dead skin and soooo much more. If you wear as much makeup as I do, I’m sure you can understand 😉

Sooooo I’ve had enough !! I decided last week to go for skin mapping at Dermalogica at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town and what an experience !!! I can recommend this to everyone !! 

The beautiful woman that helped me was Roxanne and I have never had a consultation like that in my life. She was so knowledgeable in everything that she spoke about, in every bit of advice she gave me and I walked away with incredible products !! 

The one thing that stood out for me in the consultation was this – Roxanne asked me a question. “When you buy your usual beauty products, is there a representative of that brand standing there, assisting you and giving you the correct recommendation or are you purchasing what you think you need?” And I was like – OMG no…. I’ve been thumb sucking and self diagnosing for years and because of that I have A LOT of fixing to do !!

Anyway, long story short, I listened to every word Roxanne had to say and left there feeling soooooo excited to wash my face !!

In TWO DAYS, yes, just two days, I can already see the difference, my radiance is coming back and I am so flippen happy I could scream 🙂

I am loving these products soooo much and definitely suggest you get on down to a clinic near you and get that face mapping done !! Look, I know not everyone is happy spending there grocery money for 2 months on skincare 😉 but just go in and have the consultation !! It’s extremely interesting to say the least.

Some of the products I walked away with that are making the world of difference –

This pre cleanse (oil) is AMAZING !!! The smell ???? It gives me the sensation that I’m actually sitting in a spa having a facial done !! And it does not leave an oily feeling which I love about it.

When it comes to cleansers I’m used to two things – first, a cream cleanser that feels like it hasn’t cleaned your face and secondly, a gel cleanser that leaves your skin feeling so squeaky clean and tight. This dermalogica special cleansing gel is the perfect medium !! My skin feels sooooo clean but without that tight, unnourished feeling !!! #eyeopener


Skin soothing cream…. The first time I applied the cream I kinda felt like it wasn’t enough, but I’ve trusted the process and after 2 days I am IN LOVE !!! It is just enough and this for me is where I’m seeing the radiance shine through, love it !!!! 

So there you have it 🙂 

Have a click HERE and find a store, get the mapping done and make the investment, because really, that’s exactly what it is 🙂

Until next time,

Stay pretty 


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